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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Introducing Pancakes!

(photo credit: Metro Times/Walter Wasacz)

Not to break down the fourth wall or anything, but the new face of the Fever adds a dapper touch to the proceedings, don'tchoo think?

Let Wolf 'n' Cakes know how you feel and what jams to jam:

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Damn. We're all Late 'n' Shit

Well, the someone somewhere voted and now, nearly three weeks later, we can post the results on the internets. Remember when the Pistons lost in the last round of the NBA finals? We didn't talk about that, really. We're not what you'd call timely. In that spirit, please enjoy...

The Radio Fever Top 38 4th of July/Labor Day Countdown Jamz Countdown

38 Soledad Brothers » Michigan Line
37 Waxwings » Clouded Over
36 Jawbone » Get Rhythm
35 Tom Petty » American Girl
34 Lemonheads » It's A Shame About Ray
33 Greenhornes » Gonna Get Me Someone
32 Supergrass » In It For The Money
31 Minutemen » Corona
30 Sights » Backseat
29 Terry Knight & The Pack » How Much More
28 Neko Case » Train From Kansas City
27 DJ Kool » Let Me Clear My Throat
26 Trembling » G Turns To D
25 Leonard Nimoy » Highly Illogical
24 Valentinos » Bad Direction
23 White Stripes » Blue Orchid
22 Pogues » If I Should Fall From Grace With God
21 The Go » He's Been Lying
20 Fondas » Wildman On The Loose
19 Hentchmen » Straight Up
18 Jonathon Fire*Eater » These Little Monkeys
17 Devo » Freedom Of Choice
16 Electric Six » Synthesizer
15 P.A. » No Blue Dye
14 Flaming Lips » Fight Test
13 Judas Priest » The Ripper
12 Black Merda » Cynthy Ruth
11 Iggy & The Stooges » Gimme Danger
10 Wilco » I'm Always In Love
9 Brendan Benson » Get It Together
8 Dykehouse » Chain Smoking
7 Dirtbombs » Ode To A Black Man
6 Jonathon Richman » Astral Plane
5 Bob Seger » Feel Like A Number
4 Outrageous Cherry » Why Don't We Talk About Something Else
3 Public Enemy » Louder Than A Bomb
2 Saturday Looks Good To Me
1 Iron Maiden » Run To The Hills

This is a Recording

The following is an archival transcript of the text of the patented Radio Fever Two Minute Record Review of the band Cinecyde's "Like A UFO." It was written by erstwhile (that's a fancy word for former) Radio Fever co-host Sassy.
Over the next few weeks, we'll be digging through a crate of dusty, year-old typewriter paper and throwing random bits of Radio Fever hotstory up on the interweb for all eyes to enjoy and for future historians to examine. We hope you "dig it."
-- Martin Endicott, Associate Professor of Media Archivism, Alpena General Community College, Alpena, MI.

Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Mongtomery Warren’s parents found a note pinned to a Howdy Doody pull-string doll in his little sister’s bedroom. It was the last they heard from precocious little Monty. He was 11. The year was 1959. This is what it said.

"I will not eat my broccoli. I refuse. Nor will I eat my spinach. I know what you people are trying to do to me and while your Kiwanis and Daughters of the American Revolution facades may be benign, I’ve found out the ugly, sinister truth about your so-called “beta-carotene.” You can’t hide what you truly are. At night, after my dear sister Barbara is asleep – and you think that I am, too – I sneak to my window and see the glow and the flashes coming from quote-unquote father’s woodshed. Ha!
I tried talking to Barbara, but she’s too far gone, too indoctrinated by your rituals of extraterrestrial experimentation to see the forest for the trees. Yes, I said it! And I’ll say it again: Extraterrestrials. You are hideous monsters from another dominion and I won’t stand pat for the way you’ve infected everything I hold dear like a VIRUS!!!
This is the last you’ll hear from me. By the time you read this I’ll be long gone, headed for the Air Force base at Roswell where I know they’ll take the necessary measures to expose your cruel machinations to the world. And you will be forced to reveal your true nature, no doubt on the Jack Parr program or some such televised venue where the veracity of your alien nature is irrefutable to the naked eye.
Your plot is foiled Herbert and Miriam – or whatever your real name is! And you’ll never know what else I’ve seen! The truth shall overcome!!!"