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Friday, May 13, 2005

Lazy, Hazy Hosties

Damnit! Sorry about the lack of posts. Still, we're encouraged by the random comments in the, er, "comment" section. Kepp 'em coming kids, keeeeep 'em coming.
Hopefully you all enjoyed our informative and highly-factual re-tellings of the lives and times of both Tedley Nugent and Sir rockin' Bob Seger in our back-to-back Rockus Retrospectivuseseses. We've got more fun stuff planned soon including the Stripes and, if we can get our shit together, the Wildbunch/Electric Six.

Check out the show this week as we'll be having a Dance Party of Epic Proportions(tm) and reviewing the new Ten Words For Snow Double Single (not TM).

In the meantime, two things:
Send us your jams to
15600 W. 12 Mile Rd.
Southfield, MI 48076

And finally, the playlistage from last week's Awesomeest Show Ever!

Detroit Cobras > Hittin' On Nothing
Blacktop > Mojo Kitty
Cornish In A Turtleneck > Booty Don't Stop
Parliament > Up On The Down Stroke
Brainiac > Flash Ram
Dirtbombs > Chains Of Love
Jimmy Hughes > Chains Of Love
Eddie Kendricks > Keep On Truckin'
Earl English > Tryin' To Make Ends Meet
Come-Ons > Complicated
Link Wray > Walkin' Down A Street Called Love
Link Wray > Rumble Down A Street Called Tumble
Velvet Hammer > I Wanna Be Your Show
Edwin Star > Agent Double-Oh-Soul
Volebeats > I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More
Al Green > Here I Am
Soledad Brothers > Cage That Tiger
Brendan Benson > Get It Together
P.A. > No Blue Dye
Pavement > Summer Babe
Bob Seger > Lucifer
Bob Seger > Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
Bob Seger > Night Moves
Bob Seger > Feel Like A Number
Bob Seger > Hollywood Nights
Electric Six > Rock 'n Roll Evacuation
Jackie Wilson > Baby It Out
Human Eye > Chew Raw Meat
Devo > Gates Of Steel


At 9:00 AM, Anonymous Dave said...

So, um, uh, what did you guys say about those seven inches on the air?? We played Saturday and missed the show, but heard about the TWFS mention in the promo.

Thanks a bunch, btw!!

At 10:53 AM, Blogger Sassy & the Wolf said...

Well, the Wolf had substitute reviewer Eskimo comedian Chief Eddie HokumClaw do his review. Lazy, of Greg, to be sure, but it included the sage advice "if you're drinking, let your dogs do the driving" -- hwich I think we can all get behind (as it were).
Sassy's included little known facts dug up from the "internet" such as there being 12 words for "awesome" but a whopping 72 for "utter crap" which is why journalists (himself excluded, of course) are such negative nellies. He also revealed that the deepest snowfall recorded in Michigan occured in "Dry Hump Grove, UP, Michigan" and was reported by Lettie Londregen as "almost up to my bosom before nightfall."
Or something like that ;-)

At 12:06 PM, Anonymous dave said...

I couldn't have asked for know what they say: surreal press is better than no press at all!

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