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Saturday, April 09, 2005

TAN Faster Through the Miracle of Radiation!

In honor of the release of their latest record 'Justamustache" on the Frenchy Kicksy record label, we're posting out original two-minute record rview treatment of the so-called 'new" Thurderbirds are Now jams.
See, we're not playing them on the show tonite cuz we figure if you haven't been paying attention to the last, oh, six weeks when we've been shamelessly playing tracks off this record, you just don't get to hear it on the consumer-approved date. Yeah! We're fuckin' radical!!! Check us out Trotsky!! How you like us now Jerzy Bulowski!? Doctor Marten's boots up yer arse!

Anyhoo, here's Sassy's review. Wolf's to folo shortly.
Love it. and Love, comma, us.
Sasquatch and Le Wolf

Thunderbirds Are Now, Justamustache, French Kiss REcords
Review date, sometime in the near past:


If I may, I would like to respond to the preceding messages brought to us by Thunderbirds are Now in a three-fold manner:

Firstly: Oh, my gawd, Becky. Did you see the lead singer-uh?! He’ssss sssoooou cyoott. I mean, it’s pretty artsy…but what-ever-uh…the hair and the jumping and the –heavy breathing here.

Secondly: You know, I’m a firm believer in at least using the words angular at least once in conversation every day, just so that it doesn’t become some kind of hary old rock-crit cliché like, oh, say, “oblique lyrics” or “DIY production values” or “a wash of__insert your stringed instrument here.”
And it’s bands like Thunderbirds are Now that help that. Except, in their case, it’s more like “punctured” instead of “angular where the metaphor is a straight line and the guitar sounds in question are meant ot interrupt the straight line at an acute angle, hence, angular. TAN are more like um, some other metaphor or something.
It’s like a scavenger hunt: Angular, spazzy (or a variation threof0, hyper-kinetic, ADD-addled, hell, anything-addled. Let’s all play.

Thirdly: You know, Dr. Landy says I should smile more and not talk so much, but sometimes I just wanna kiloljll;l;kjd;lkj3209u4305987.!!!"
--end transmission

Saturday, April 02, 2005

"Blogs Are Stupid"

- This quote from one Randall Campbell, Detroit, April 1, 2005.
Hey Randy: Paper's stupid. Cars are stupid. Guns are stupid. Music is stupid.
I got your blog right here ;-)
(to those of you not named Randall Campbell, please feel free to comment on any of the above at will -- after all, it's a "dialogue" as they say on the marketing floor).