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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Party Planet Descending

So, we found out first-hand that it's extremely difficult to blog (someone think of another verb -- stat!) and do a radio show at the same time last night, otherwise, we'd have delivered the disheartening news simultaneously to the airwaves and the interwebs that the much-beloved Detroit City Council -- Tom, Mike, Dum, Black, Nougat, Peanut, et. al -- have decided to call it a night.
We invite you to share your favorite DCC moments here in the Blogosphere.
We'll always have the white-suit-wearin' vision of Potterific nastiness to keep us company as we chase our Maker's Mark with Stroh's and we'll always have the momeories of the most crowded Fever studio to date -- over flowing with funkeriffic goodness and featuring the soothing sounds of Black intoning "PUT THE GUNS DOWN, CHIRREN!!!"
May we suggest that the Council reconvene for every mayoral inauguration? Just a thought.


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