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Friday, March 04, 2005

Here in Your Cars

We feel safe with you on one end of the beam and us on the other. It'd be better if we were all riding in a car together, with the Wolf and I just handing you tapes all cued up to put in the tape deck, but we don't have that kind of physics just yet on this planet. C'est Le guerre.

Still, the show this week'll be totally deck, but in a flippity-flop way, you know what I'm sayin' scratchtastic spatula? werd.

We'll review the Troy Gregory & the Stepsisters jams and play a boatload of other stuff, too. Plus, Greg and I have been reading our Physics for Poets books and our minds are more blown than when we played Wizardry for 12 hours straight back in '86 with nothing but Like Cola (we hearted Like) and Funyons for fuel.

Nevertheless, we invite you to call in to report on the whole "Where You At"/"Who You With"/"What You Rockin'" paradigm. Call 248-559.9797 to get in on the action, cuz lord knowz we'll be sitting in a small room in Southfield waiting for the impending Rockapalypse.

BTW, if there was any finer sight than a gang of perfectly different people all getting down in a cozy space than the Dorkwave set on Wednesday at the Garden Bowl, we've yet to see it. Sassy still has "Love Bizarre" and "HeadOn" stuck in the noggin' and doesn't plan on getting them out anytime soon. Damned inspirational like a good living room party should be say top critics about Dorkwave.


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