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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Cinco de Marcho Playlisto

Now, alleviating your bated breath waiting, the playlist from the Fever's "No Wuss"* Program

Bantam Rooster > The Manner To Which I'm Accustomed
Howlin Wolf > Shake For Me
Blacktop > Mojo Kitty
Waitresses > I Know What Boys Like
AC / DC > Live Wire
Danzig > Twist Of Cain
White Stripes > Black Math
Hives > No Pun Intended
Bear Vs. Shark > Buses / No Buses
Electric Six > Nuclear War (On The Dance Floor)
Clash > Safe European Home
Sights > Backseat
Brendan Benson > Spit It Out
The Go > Capricorn
The Strokes > Take It Or Leave It
Clone Defects > Stray Boy
Troy Gregory & The Stepsisters > Who Can't You Forgive
Hentchmen > All About Girls
Ramones > California Sun
Small Brown Bike > Under Pressure
Judas Priest > The Ripper
T. Rex > The Motivator
Them > Little Girl
Downriver Sect > Why Don't You Smile Now
Pterodactyls > Me For Hire (Rock For Hire)
Paybacks > Lazy Things
Andrew W.K. > Make Sex
Demolition Dollrods > Down Home Girl

* And by "No wuss" we mean except for the Waitresses "I Know What Boys Like," which, though slightly wussified, is sassy and brassy nevertheless. But thanks for calling me out on that Dave.


At 11:06 PM, Blogger Luz Padua said...

The Truth About Detroit Rock & Roll rests with Radio Fever. Rock cliche move: On stage. Lean against me as I lean against you and as we both riff. Interpretation: "I love you man! Ok. that's enough posing. You - stage left. Me - stage right." R O C K.

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