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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Not Just Your Doodie

Vote/Nominate Now!

As Steve Jones or Robert Plant or some other dinosaur said in one of those damned Rock the Vote spots “It’s not just a duty, it’s a priviledge.”
In that spirit, we are opening up to the interweb The First Ever Radio Fever Music Awards Ever.
Make up a category, nominate in an existing category. Don’t be serious about this. Awards shows are for suckers and sycophants. But ours isn’t. No, really. We’re different. Just give us a chance. The awards will be announced on the Radio Fever program on April 16th.

Here’s the so-called “starter list”. Please add and share:
Danny Muggs - "Best Use of a Scarf by a Rock Guitarist"
Pas/Cal - "Most Punctual"
Adam Miller (Adult.) - "Best Shaggy Hair on A techno Guy".

Get Your Irish/Hip-hop On!

Here's the setlist from last week's show. Please note the canny juxtaposition of the sangfaudian metronomic beatitudes of the musics comprising the "Hip-Hop" and the "Irish" (or is it Irish-ish, anyhoo).
If you have requests, we'll take 'em. Just drop us a line. If you're in a band that's not sucky, send us your music at
Radio Fever c/o WKRK
15600 W. 12 Mile Rd.
Southfield, MI 48076

Without further ado:

Songs listed by artist, then song title.
James Taylor Quartet > One Way Street
Soledad Brothers > Handle Song
Brendan Benson > Spit It Out
Velvettes > Needle In A Haystack
Forty-Fives > Go Ahead & Shout
Jealous Type > 1500 Miles Beneath the Earth
Amino Acids > Return Of The Attack
Dirty Shame > Surgery
House Of Pain > Jump Around
The Clash > English Civil War
Pogues > If I Should Fall From Grace With God
Pogues > London Girl
Undertones > Teenage Kicks
Saturday Looks Good To Me > Alcohol
Dykehouse > Chain Smoking
Ted Leo > Timorous Me
Transistors > You Will
Gories > I Think I've Had It
Jawbone > My Daddy
The Spits > Space Guitar
Voltaire Brothers > Funky Motion
Beastie Boys > Rhymin & Stealin
Public Enemy > She Watches Channel Zero
Kid Rock > I Wanna Go Back
Eric B & Rakim > Paid In Full
EPMD > Strictly Business
LL Cool J > Mama Said Knock You Out
Bogue > I'm Gonna Need More Time
Thin Lizzy > Jailbreak

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Pass the Old Gold!

Damn -- Ooooh!
-- James Smith -- whom the ladies love
That is all.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Cinco de Marcho Playlisto

Now, alleviating your bated breath waiting, the playlist from the Fever's "No Wuss"* Program

Bantam Rooster > The Manner To Which I'm Accustomed
Howlin Wolf > Shake For Me
Blacktop > Mojo Kitty
Waitresses > I Know What Boys Like
AC / DC > Live Wire
Danzig > Twist Of Cain
White Stripes > Black Math
Hives > No Pun Intended
Bear Vs. Shark > Buses / No Buses
Electric Six > Nuclear War (On The Dance Floor)
Clash > Safe European Home
Sights > Backseat
Brendan Benson > Spit It Out
The Go > Capricorn
The Strokes > Take It Or Leave It
Clone Defects > Stray Boy
Troy Gregory & The Stepsisters > Who Can't You Forgive
Hentchmen > All About Girls
Ramones > California Sun
Small Brown Bike > Under Pressure
Judas Priest > The Ripper
T. Rex > The Motivator
Them > Little Girl
Downriver Sect > Why Don't You Smile Now
Pterodactyls > Me For Hire (Rock For Hire)
Paybacks > Lazy Things
Andrew W.K. > Make Sex
Demolition Dollrods > Down Home Girl

* And by "No wuss" we mean except for the Waitresses "I Know What Boys Like," which, though slightly wussified, is sassy and brassy nevertheless. But thanks for calling me out on that Dave.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Party Planet Descending

So, we found out first-hand that it's extremely difficult to blog (someone think of another verb -- stat!) and do a radio show at the same time last night, otherwise, we'd have delivered the disheartening news simultaneously to the airwaves and the interwebs that the much-beloved Detroit City Council -- Tom, Mike, Dum, Black, Nougat, Peanut, et. al -- have decided to call it a night.
We invite you to share your favorite DCC moments here in the Blogosphere.
We'll always have the white-suit-wearin' vision of Potterific nastiness to keep us company as we chase our Maker's Mark with Stroh's and we'll always have the momeories of the most crowded Fever studio to date -- over flowing with funkeriffic goodness and featuring the soothing sounds of Black intoning "PUT THE GUNS DOWN, CHIRREN!!!"
May we suggest that the Council reconvene for every mayoral inauguration? Just a thought.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Lest We forget

Send us your jams, people!

Radio Fever c/o WKRK
15600 W. 12 Mile Rd.
Soudthfield, MI 48220

Damn! Like we gotta ask to make you famous or something.


Here in Your Cars

We feel safe with you on one end of the beam and us on the other. It'd be better if we were all riding in a car together, with the Wolf and I just handing you tapes all cued up to put in the tape deck, but we don't have that kind of physics just yet on this planet. C'est Le guerre.

Still, the show this week'll be totally deck, but in a flippity-flop way, you know what I'm sayin' scratchtastic spatula? werd.

We'll review the Troy Gregory & the Stepsisters jams and play a boatload of other stuff, too. Plus, Greg and I have been reading our Physics for Poets books and our minds are more blown than when we played Wizardry for 12 hours straight back in '86 with nothing but Like Cola (we hearted Like) and Funyons for fuel.

Nevertheless, we invite you to call in to report on the whole "Where You At"/"Who You With"/"What You Rockin'" paradigm. Call 248-559.9797 to get in on the action, cuz lord knowz we'll be sitting in a small room in Southfield waiting for the impending Rockapalypse.

BTW, if there was any finer sight than a gang of perfectly different people all getting down in a cozy space than the Dorkwave set on Wednesday at the Garden Bowl, we've yet to see it. Sassy still has "Love Bizarre" and "HeadOn" stuck in the noggin' and doesn't plan on getting them out anytime soon. Damned inspirational like a good living room party should be say top critics about Dorkwave.