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Friday, December 03, 2004

Mixed Bizzness

So, like, I'm totally detoxing right now. Like, purification style. Nothing new for me, I do it every year just before I go on the bender to end all benders that is "The Holiday Season." So many free drinks, so little sleeping time, so much chocolate. Hot damn I love the holidays!
If it weren't for this show, I'd have nothing to rein me in. Nothing to keep me from achieving total "party" bliss. Screw Sassy & the Wolf, I say. But my dad will stop sending the checks if I don't keep this "internship." blahblahblah. Only two more years till I get a sweet gig "working" at his company. Then it's all liquid lunch all the time. And Sassy & the Wolf and their "radio program" will be a fading memory (fading faster when I'm double fisting tumblers of Bombay Sapphire). Suckerzzz.
anyhoo, the stuff. the annotated (by sassy ,not me) playlist.
Laterz - Wigglz

November 27th - Radio Fever Playlist
Pete Shelley
> Homosapien *Not from Detroit, but Manchester's not far off.
Valentinos > Star
Dykehouse > Lost Holiday * We would have played "Chain Smoking" but he says he's "hard" in the lyrics -- lame.

5th Period Fever > Not All That Much
Pearlene > You Done Told Everybody
Lion Fever > Everyone I Know Is Getting Famous

Fortune & Maltese > Girl's Gotta Learn *"More F&M for Your Buck" -- the new Radio Fever motto

Back In Spades > Five Years Ahead *This band broke up a couple days before we were supposed to talk to the guitar player, Jackson, live on the air. Thanks for the heads-up. Also, Sassy works in the same building as former member Stephen Palmer. Thanks again for the heads-up. Made for good radio.
Sleepy Kid > Monday Morning Smile *not from Detroit, but he thanks Patrick Greenhorne in the lyrics, so he's only really three degrees separated, plus he sounds like the lost Waxwing, which leads us to...

Waxwings> Steady As Starlight
MHz > Secret Santa *An early Christmas gift - from Flying Bombs Surprise Package series.
Speedball > Underground
Holy Fire > Lift Off Message * Two Minute Record Review
Singles > He Can Go, You Can't Stay *The Wolf loves this song, apparently, he plays it at least twice a month.

MC5 > I Can Only Give You Everything
Brian Jonestown Massacre > Nevertheless
Blue Van > I Remember The Days *Does this sound like the Sights, but with a different singer, to anyone else?
Link Wray & The Wray Men > Rawhide
Jawbone > Get Rhythm *Recently returned from tour in the UK.
Hank Ballard & The Midnighters > Finger Poppin' Time *Paging Chubby Checker
Black Merda > Long Burn The Fire *Check out this week's Metro Times
Queen > Now I'm Here * RIP Mr. Mercury. We will fight Radio Gaga forever.
Bob Seger > Feel Like A Number
Pterodactyls > Me For Hire (Rock For Hire) *I must really like this song as I've played it like twice this month.

Esquire > Brandy & Xanax
Chefs > Mr. Machine
Run DMC > You Be Illin'


At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's nice to see sleepy kid getting some air play! second best band here in ohio. andrej used to be in the revelers who, if still together and lived in detroit, would absolutely rule your city, they were that good! but, apart from one poorly attended gold dollar show, that is all detroit got to see.

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