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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Playlistage from The Overlordz

"Whet your whistles and prepare to let loose a wolf call."
That's the memo that was attached to this e-mail from the doofi that keep me in servitude (aka Sassy & the Wolf). They can feed me free pizza till I puke and I still won't get over the fact that Chris made me wash the bird crap off his LeSabre in 40-degree weather (on a Sunday!).
Still, I gotta hand it to them, they put on a "show" on Saturday. Freddy Fortune was "on" as usual and how about "Dick Valentine" promising to do a "Century Club" onstage during the E6 show on the 26th? Damn. That's hardcore, yo. Dick be hangin'.

Chris and Greg also wanted me to tellz ya that they'll be making me archive their "2-Minute Record Reviews" for your "reading pleasure". Yeah, they seem to think that I'm impressed with their writing ability. Let's not forget that I also interned at Interview and Vanity Fair (as well as an ill-fated, but nonetheless-exciting stint with "The Splendid Table" on National Public Radio. Mmmmm...schweaty balls).

Also, Dave Buick will be sitting in for Sassy next week, so expect shenanigans and don't be afraid to call "shenanigans" either.

so here's the jamz they played last Saturdizz (Nov. 13th). Later freakz. Wigglz.

Iron Maiden > Run To The Hills
Pterodactyls > Me For Hire (Rock For Hire)
Terror At The Opera > Snakes & Moths
The Cure > Close To Me
Ted Leo / Pharmacists > Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone
English Beat > Twist & Crawl
Selecter > Missing Words
Fortune & Maltese > Girl's Gotta Learn
Fortune & Maltese > Leave No Stone Unturned
Fortune & Maltese > Oh Yeah, Alright
Gore Gore Girls > Don't Cry
Electric Six > I'm A Demon & I Love Rock 'N Roll
Valentinos > Aerosol Dream
Tiny Steps > On With Time
Jesus & Mary Chain > Just Like Honey
Colic > You Don't Know Why
Royal Trux > Put Out The Fire
The Go > Ain't That Bad
Waxwings > Fractured
Brendan Benson > Metarie
Detroit Cobras > Midnight Blues
Paybacks > Lazy Things
The Cult > Wildflower
Ramrods > I'm A Ramrod
Back In Spades > Baby's Getting Higher
Pixies > Gigantic
Nomo > La La La
Moving Units > Between Us & Them


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