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Monday, October 25, 2004

Hellz Yeah...A new posT!

Take that, Gavin! Radio Fevah is back on the web and better than ever -- granted, not a tough standard to hit since we've only posted once before.
I swear to 7-11 that this will be a more frequent thing (at least once with the damn playlists 'n' crap).
We were hungover on Saturday -- at least Greggers was (congrats Dave). Sassy was overcaffeinated and managed thankfully to catch the Ashlee Simpson shenanigans (thank you coffee jitters).
Tune on to our spooky show on Oct. 30 (aka Devil's Night) for chainsaws, ghosts, rumors of Nain Rouge sightings and oh, so much more. Damn!
Oy, vey. Here's the rock:
October 23 Radio Fever playlist:

Simply Saucer > Here Come The Cyborgs (Pt. 1)
Valentinos > Bad Direction
Velvet Underground > There She Goes Again
Majesty Cruch > Bestower Of Blessings
Slumber Party > Love Will Tear Us Apart
Joy Division > Shadowplay
Smog > Natural Decline
Troy Gregory > Dracula Has Risen From The Pond
Fall > How I Wrote Elastic Man
Jawbone > If It's Rock
Devo > Jocko Homo
Hentchmen > Love
Livernoise > Almost There
Marilyn's Bathdance > Looking For A Truth
Pants Devastator > Long Live The Icing
White Stripes > Who's To Say
Saturday Looks Good To Me > Girl Of Mine
Ramones > I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
Kinks > This Time Tomorrow
Soledad Brothers > Handel Song
Beck > Fabric Of Folly
Walker Brothers > My Sun Ain't Gonna Shine
R.L. Burnside > See What Buddy Done
Andre Williams & Two-Star Tabernacle > Jet Black Daddy & Lilly White Mama
Allen Touissant > Am I Expecting Much
Black Nasty > Hip Drop
Voltaire Brothers > Funky Motion
25 Suaves > Party Disease
Sonics > Dirty Robber